We have discovered Baja California in the July 2012 edition of Géo [a French magazine, sort of equivalent of National Geographic]. Interested by the subject, we have seen thousands of pictures on the Internet, read hundreds of web pages, are an handful set of travel guides about Mexico. This has allowed us to determine what we wanted to see, at what pace, and the associated itinerary. As it was closed to the In-depth Adventure suggested by Mexcapade, we selected them to finalize our project, and to make all related bookings.
And our experience has been very positive : 
  • the tips and advices provided by Mexcapade were very appropriate (and it would have been better to read some of them more closely, to avoid being ripped off by some policemen),
  • all hotels that Mexcapade had selected were very pleasant, some more family-type hotels, some more exotic (like sleeping in a yurt). Worth noting : all had free wifi included, even the most remote one.
  • the tours booked (at Espiritu Santo, at Isla Coronado, at the Laguna of San Ignacio or the one of Ojo de Liebre, or yet the salt mine of Guerrero Negro) were in the best possible conditions (like for instance to be able to postpone a tour to another day when the weather conditions did not allow to do it on the day it was originally planned, or the inclusion of a lunch with the tour). All partners selected were excellent.
  • a weaker opinion though on the car rental company (National, although a multinational with which we have more than 20 years experience, in US and in Canada, never having had any problem with them) : the tires supplied with the vehicle were far from being satisfactory - different dimensions, different brands, one that had already been repaired, and with sculptures that would have been insufficient in our country. We recommend you check their state when picking up your vehicle. It is thus not a surprise if one of the tires "gave up" when we visited San Francisco de la Sierra. But there too, Mexcapade provided a first class assistance.
If there was one point where maybe MExcapade could improve, it is on the list of suggested restaurants : La Bohême, in La Paz, alas no longer exist; the Estancia Urugyana, in La Paz too, is outrageously expensive (and thus it is not a surprise if we were the single customers when we went there). On the other hand, the Domingo's Steakhouse (in Loreto), and the Tootsie Bar (in San Ignacio) with its Little India pizza deserve being added to the list.
But our conclusion is clear : this was among the best discovery vacation we ever had. Thank you to Jean-Christophe Arbonne and his Mexcapade team.
Philippe and Martine
16 of March 2013

It's because I can compare that I can say it was a perfect travel it is irreprochable. 

Of course, there's the country and its people, but to achieve that you need a good reception- and you are that good reception. I will not fail to praise the seriousness and originality of your work in my Voyager's Association of the Côte d'Azur, especially on June 17 during my lecture (for some Mexico France .. no luck). And I would also say that I have the best wishes for your agency "Travelers World" for which I work also. 

With many landscapes in my rearview mirror, I was in search of novelties. I was not disappointed with my choice and I felt that on this road I would discover something amazing. 

The road to San Evaristo remains etched in my memory (plan to leave earlier) 

"Guerrro Negro" got me really excited to discover the variety of interests.

Overnight at Los Naranjos, San Xavier and all these magical with all these lively characters, the whales of course and so many animals this untamed wilderness, Todos Santos, El Triunfo with the beautiful Sunday which I spent almost like in a a family with you, the pelicans of Loreto, Puerto Mateos, San Borja, the atmosphere of Rosalia ... 

Finally, a very special thanks to our dear Aurélien, alias birdseye 'Ojo de Liebre', Sebastien Loeb, whose intelligence and multiple skills,"savoir vivre" and good manners, patience and availability have contributed to the success of this wonderful trip; all the more because he knew hoz to respond to the jockes and the giggles of Thelma and Louise who were in peak form...

For all this. 


Our trip went very well ...

Wonderful landscapes. Special thanks to Bahia Conception and the Sea of Cortes.

The whales were there. Extraordinary experience!

Santa Rosalia is really worth seeing. You feel you're in the far west, the gold rush verison! Hotel Frances was really nice.

Gaëlle is still ready to see the whale sharks…




Some additional information about the trip you have organized for us.
Organization and timing impeccable and always a very warm welcome. 
All the taxis cabs were there at the right time ,and the hotels were fully informed of our arrival. 
El Fuerte: very nice hotel (Posada del Hidalgo) in a small town which was in the process of historical restoration.
The hotel is a real museum. Wonderful! 
Train (CHEP): great trip, a little long on the end.
Posada Mirador Hotel Barranca: superb location of this big hotel where tourists affluate. Good reception. The schedule that we had (Arrival  at 3 p.m and departure at 2 p.m) were very appropriate to enjoy the barrel and the beautiful views of the hotel or its close surroundings. Adequate food (no more). Hotel Chihuahua: we enjoyed a little, but this small hotel is really charming, with a very warm reception. Beautiful ancient decoration in a house which has 130 years. I strongly recommend it.
As for La Vantana, 3 days without wind (!) but 3 days with wind!
Wonderful water. A windsurfer or kite surfer's dream. Palapas Ventana Hotel is funny at first, because of this break in middle of the hotel's ground because of strong washouts during a hurricane 3 years ago,  which Tim Hatler is now repearing. But Palapas are very well appointed and really nice (we had the "Verde", probably the best located room). Excellent breakfast, good, light lunch.
The Ventana is a good place for lovers of beautiful landscapes, sea and wind. You can also make beautiful excursions in environment still very wild, in the mountains.
We rented a car in La Paz and went to see the whales. 
Lopez Mateo. 
This is it, in short. A trip you would like to repeat, but probably in other parts of Mexico, or in the central part of Baja.